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Era of Attrition

by Magnitude

Women's X NVBAO Peacock Sequin 20cm Dinner Bags Party Antique Clutch green Purse£¬28 Evening Beaded Bag 2.
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NVBAO Sequin Clutch Dinner Antique Party X green Evening Peacock Purse£¬28 Women's Bags Bag 20cm Beaded


released October 12, 2017

Released on Plead Your Case Records in the winter 2017
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Connor McAuliffe at Mirkwood Studios in the fall of 2017


all rights reserved
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Magnitude Charlotte, North Carolina


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Track Name: Essence
in the era of attrition immediate action must take place
to combat the inattentive thoughts that originate and create
soulless vessels bred unaware in the drastic part they play
to eradicate the source of all life that they rely on then betray

animated existence once abundant fading dull
the essence absorbed and devoured
forgotten by those who would sacrifice common awareness
fueled by fundamental values for avarice
stemming from a lust for ruin without reprisal

imposition of reclamation for the inarticulate

an insuppressible voice filling me within
bursting at the seams a light undimmed
before the breaking of the world we will alleviate

Track Name: Ceaseless
an obstructed path I will forever follow
paved in the wake of incomplete potential
exempt from the weight of dependence
denying a fate predetermined
abstain from influence from that which would seek
to uproot the sentimental values that run so deep in me
denying a fate predetermined
exempt from the weight that would drag me to the depths
sinking slowly down
paralyzed and sinking alone and left to drown

a permanent engraving indestructible
perpetual and undying
with this X I mark myself proud to be unrestrained
Track Name: Apparition
caught in my foresight I thought I'd have a chance
to shelter you from internal inhabitants
comprised of despondency and despair

the same things you helped me defeat
when you sent a wave of solidarity
and crashed it into me
Beaded Bags green Antique 20cm NVBAO Women's Bag X Evening Dinner Sequin Clutch Peacock Party Purse£¬28
extinguishing the isolation
burning me from the inside

and I tried reaching out
and I tried stretching out as far as I can
I watched you slip and fall from my fingertips
a second beyond my reach
and I'll never forget the times we shared
they'll always be more than memory
Track Name: Endure
the murmurs of the crowd grow ever louder
a dull roar pounding in my ears drowns me out

I scream in silence
another faceless form
no identity remains
set up for failure from the start
pressured and molded into your image

strip me down
my last chance at freedom
slipping so far away
a dim shadow swallows me whole
am I condemned to watch my true self die?

my spirit cries out for salvation
I won't yet admit defeat
Track Name: Magnitude
I'm released
released from all my fears
as I'm staring into the abyss
I refuse to walk away from the magnitude of this

the magnitude of this choice I'll make
to dive headfirst with so many others by my side
I can hear our echoes resonating through the dark infinite void
contesting the shrill noises of the demons dwelling within
with sounds of harmony they are subdued

we are world worn weary souls
uniting and binding our fates to a cause
breathing life into a chance
to cast a blinding light exposing truth in the darkest place
interconnected inherent feeling each other's pain
the understanding creates a sentimental link in our veins

never far when we are one

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